Loose Lips Loosen Lips is a 124-page book published in December of 2012, designed by Tanya Rubbak. It documents the first three events of the WORD THE WORD series; presents original writings, drawings, and other selections from my personal archives; and includes interviews with Emily Lacy, Jonathan Larrouquette and Seth Romatelli of Uhh Yeah Dude, as well as an essay by Amy Andre.

Excerpt from the book’s introduction:

Thinking about language is a never-ending exercise in consciousness diagramming and palpitation. There are no answers to the many questions that come up again and again. It is an exercise that will never be finished. What I hope for is a series of frequent and auspicious beginnings to the process.

When I started WORD THE WORD I wanted some way to experience my relationship to language in a more social setting. Usually when I write about language or writing, my efforts end up being incorporated into text (art)works, into emails sent to a small, set number of people, or into entreaties scrawled in the pages of my diary. I almost never turn back to those pages; the moment of beseeching desperation passes and it’s painful to see it all so intensely recorded. These essentially private modes quickly limit the conversation. If asking is the important part of the exercise, then shouldn’t I have witnesses, interpreters, and colleagues present? Organizing time-based, speech-based events seemed like a way to open up the process.

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