Art Los Angeles Fair, CA, 2010
Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA, 2011

Artist-participants performed portions of the Surrealists’ round-table sex research sessions. Reenacting the mostly-male conversations from 1928 word for word using self-published transcripts, the group collectively animated the voices of others in a contemporary investigation of how bodies arouse language and taste becomes audible.

Readers: Steven Anderson, Enrique Castrejon, Megan Hoetger, Malisa Humphrey, Elana Mann, John Martin, Anna Mayer, Nancy Popp

WORD THE WORD is an ongoing series of projects intended to initiate and affirm the connections between exploration and language, consciousness and articulation. To date, the events and performances have included a guided listening session of psychedelic music with language as its lyrical subject matter, roundtable reenactments of the Surrealists’ sex research sessions, and a fiery ‘materialogue’ punctuated by ceramic instrumentals. The series contemplates what role language might be able to play in transformation and groundedness. Into the ether, into the ether; we speak of and to the ether, so as to make the tacit tactile. WORD THE WORD is presented by the Experimental Meditation Center of Los Angeles.