Unimplanting (Word of Mouth), 2011-2013
ceramic instruments, fiber, metal, sound recording 4:48
5 x 9 x 1′
This sculpture includes almost 70 ceramic instruments (bells, shakers, and megaphones) used in a pit-firing performance one-and-a-half years earlier.

Fire with performances by Anna Mayer and Corey Fogel, Altadena, CA, 2011
Sculpture exhibited at University Art Museum, Cal State Long Beach, 2013

Held at a private home, the event gathered friends to use ceramic shakers, bells, and megaphones to punctuate a materialogue spoken to usher the objects into the fire as well as question the very idea of transformation. On earth the earth easily buries the earth. We: bringing to light and reverberations. You: are welcomed to listen, observe, and generate. Drinks from below-ground were served, by host Candice Lin.

Carol Cheh wrote about the event.