Self-Soothery, 2010
pit-fired ceramics, pennies and nickels, incense made with ashes from three fire events
pedestal 4′ x 5′

To produce this work I hosted a series of three pit-firing events in Los Angeles. The first firing was at the beach and was for only “Annas and Adams”. We made incantation cups on our own and collaboratively. The second event was a storytelling night around the pit fire, an informal gathering where seven people spoke on a topic of their own choosing. For the third firing I invited only women to come and burn in the fire anything they wanted–in effigy, with incantation, or for cleansing. Each firing was both an event and a site for my art-making: the incantation vessels I made are exhibited in the gallery as artifacts of both the social space created and of my desires for family and friends.